Why should “diet” should mean “long term nutrition”?

You know how you used to aim for that summer body, and you’d get it? Has that stopped being achievable?

It’s not really any surprise when you think on it. I’m not just talking menopause, but pretty much every single moment from about the age of 35, our hormones start to do stupid things to us. Oestrogen, progesterone, TSH, DHEA, cortisol, testosterone, insulin, I’m blaming you.  I’m not going to go into in too much, but basically, they shift into as state that makes our body want to lie on the sofa and eat chocolate all day. There’s some good information on this link here.

All these changes mean that we can’t just starve ourselves for two weeks and lose 5 kilograms. Just one or two days into a very low calorie diet, and our metabolism slows down. Then our body decides it’s going to attack muscle mass rather than fat. And then we bloat up with water retention for no apparent reason. Would anyone stick to a diet when this happens?

We need to view any desire for weight loss as a call to change our nutritional settings. For good. I read an article in my local paper this morning that agreed with me, and fortunately, they’re not the only ones to raise the notion that weight loss should be a desire for long term health, not short term kilogram loss. They put this forward for all ages, but it’s particularly poignant for those of us around 40, due to the changes our body is inflicting on us.

So when should you change, and how long should you change for? The answers are “Right now” and “forever”. But don’t start with a heavy heart, take it day by day.

Don’t weigh yourself. Throw away that pizza. Look at what you are putting in your mouth, correct it (within reason – hints here and here), commit to your choices and then in two weeks, see if your clothes, skin, eyes and hair all of a sudden seem to look better on you.  Ask yourself if you have more energy, if you are sleeping better, if your mood is more stable.

Reassess at this point. You will be  over the sugar cravings, and you’ll already feel better about yourself (If you’re not, then go back to day one with a different health plan). Think about what you can do for your health, something you can continue for a year at least. Weigh yourself now if you like, you know what you can commit to.

Stay committed. After time, you will remake your plan. Your weight may be healthy, and you have to stop the loss by easing in some more calories. Your hormones may have changed again, and you need to change your nutrients. You might be healthy, but still want to knock of a couple of kilos. You are strong, and you know so much more about food, and yourself. By now, it will be easy.

Best of luck xx





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