Me, two months post-epiphany

My name’s Sarah. I’m in my forties with a husband and two kids, a job, an ailing father, a dog, a cat and a conscience.

I had a bit of an epiphany recently, and turned my life around. I was 20 kilograms overweight. I had migraines, my blood pressure and cholesterol had just entered the dodgy zone and my doctor was threatening to medicate me. I’d been on anti depressants for years. My skin was bad, my brain was foggy, my energy was at a nadir I thought was irreversible – I couldn’t even run on a treadmill for a minute without being struck down by overheating and a pounding headache.

I got back from a summer holiday and something in me just snapped. I don’t know what it was. I changed what I ate, and took up a martial art, and all of a sudden, I started to get happier. I lost 5 kilograms pretty quickly, and then kept my resolve. People started complimenting me, a person who had just months before felt like an aging lady whose life was now just wading slowly but surely out to the end. My skin cleared up. I no longer needed medication and my energy seemed to have doubled. And it seemed to have happened easily.

Many months later, I’m still losing weight, just a little at a time. Sometimes it plateaus, and sometimes it goes up. I’m not really even trying anymore, but it eventually heads back in the direction I want it to. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that much, because I’m happy. I feel full of healthy power, and I know I’m beautiful in my own way.

I had so many people asking what I had done to get myself out of my funk that I decided I needed to share it. I’ve written a food and travel blog at thehedonista.com for years, and so this page is the obvious progression.

I’m not a health professional, and so I can’t tell you how many calories to eat, how much to exercise, or how to to fix your hypertension or depression – I can just tell you how I’m doing it. I’m not a chef, but I love to cook, so I can share some of the recipes and meal plans I’ve designed to get me through. I’m partnering that with a stack of advice from qualified sources (which I will link to), and some fashion and beauty tips I’ve picked up along the way, because I’m discovering a new sense of empowerment in my outer appearance, now that it’s reflecting all the good I’ve done on the inside.

Good luck with your own path. I’d love to hear from you on nofadsafterforty@gmail.com – please tell me what you’d like me to write about, if there’s anything you want to share about your own efforts or knowledge, and if there’s any questions about what I’ve shared.




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